Monday, November 23, 2015

Christmas cookie exchange contest....and a prize for you!

Good Morning!

Yep, we all get so busy during the holidays.  I always make time for a night with the girlfriends and a good cookie exchange. Not only do I get a night full of laughter, I also get lots of tasty cookies that I can use at the upcoming family gatherings.

My favorite people at DecoArt came to the outside artists with another great challenge. A cookie exchange container made out of a small empty Pringles can . Yes a Pringles can. You will NOT believe some of these! It might just be the thing that will inspire you to try one of these for your own exchange.

The best part yet is if you go and vote and leave a comment you have a chance at winning some awesome goodies. YES!

Voting is so easy. Just follow the link and click on the heart of the one you like. I hope it's mine! :)

sneak peek of mine

Happy Holidays!