Friday, June 17, 2016

Featured Artist Linda Cain: Time on the Wings of a Butterfly

I want to occasionally share with you some of the creations I am inspired by.

Today I came across a wonderful tutorial by Linda Cain.  I am in love with this style right now.

Join me in checking out the tutorial and creating your own.


Finnabair: Time on the Wings of a Butterfly: Happy Creative Friday, Everyone! Do you remember catching butterflies with Irina ? Today we have a beautiful Grungy specimen caught on ca...

Friday, June 3, 2016

Not Your Mama's Faux Stained Glass Project


I wanted to show you a faux stained glass piece I created using DecoArt® glass stain. This product is so easy to use, the colors are vibrant, and they are self leveling. The other brands that I have tried did not have self leveling. I believe this is mandatory in getting that flawless stained glass look.

I found an old window at my local "everything" shop the other day. I removed the glass and cleaned it with soap and water, then used rubbing alcohol on it and let it air dry. Note... Because this window is old  you have no way of  knowing what type of paint etc. is on it that could be toxic, I made sure to use gloves and an air mask.

I sanded the frame where there were visible rough spots, scraped out the old window sealant, and wiped it down with a damp cloth. I painted the frame with DecoArt® chalky finish paint ( Lace) and sealed it with Ultra-matte varnish.

I created the pattern for the stained glass using paper the same size as the glass. I wrote in the colors I would use in the different areas with a black sharpie. I laid the window on top of the pattern and traced it on the glass with a black Sharpie® pen. Remove your pattern and set aside. Note.. Do not add the color names of each area on your glass. Refer back to your pattern for your colors.

Start tracing each line with DecoArt® stained glass leading. Let dry overnight. Note: You may need to do a small areas at a time so as not to smear it. You can clean up lines using a tooth pick and a baby wipe.

Start filling each area with your chosen colors. I have added a video which shows this technique and others I used.

I added an extra special touch on my piece. I added stained glass color in the middle of each flower. When completely dry I glued glass stones that matched the color. It gives it a little 3D look. I used Dap® Adhesive Sealant to secure the window back into the frame. I used large eye hooks, chain, and S hooks to hang it on my front porch.

I am so happy with what I could  achieve using this product! I was a little nervous when I started with this large piece but it turned out beautiful and  I absolutely LOVE it!!  My neighbors are showering me with compliments. 

Happy Creating!