Thursday, July 26, 2018

Creating a Southwest Style Leather Bracelet

Hi Guys!
I have recently had a chance to try the new DecoArt Stylin™ paint for fashion accessories. The colors are so vibrant and flow so smoothly. After they cure the paint is flexible and will not come off your leather, most synthetic leather, and patent leather items. You can use them on canvas and to refresh a fashion piece too!

Let me show you how I created a bit of southwest flair using these durable paints.

Supplies needed
Leather bracelet
DecoArt Stylin™
(Black, yellow, brick, turquoise)
DecoArt Americana® Aztec stencil
Small foam pouncer
Small paint brushes
Rubbing Alcohol
Painters tape
Paper towels

1. I cleaned the leather using rubbing alcohol to remove any factory dust or oils.
2. I taped my stencil down using painters tape and used a small pouncer to fill in the design onto the leather.

3. Remove the stencil and start adding the different colors to create a southwest feel.

4. Let your piece sit to cure the paint for 24 to 48 hours. 

Here is the finished piece ready to wear. 

Thank you for dropping by. I hope this inspires you to make or refresh a fashion piece you already have. I would love to see your project using DecoArt Stylin™ paints.

Happy Creating!