Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Guilty Indulgence

It's true to say that art supplies come before food in my world. I can't wait to try a new product or technique. I  am always looking for anything that can give me that spark of inspiration.

Art magazines are my guilty indulgence. With everything the internet has to offer I shouldn't need to buy an art magazine, right? (There is the guilt chiming in) There is something about having it in my hands and not on a screen. I am the same way with books. Anyone else with me?

This months guilty indulgence

Even though it took me almost to the end of the month to give myself permission to purchase it, it was worth it! Right now I feel like that little girl with her first big box of crayons.

So if you have been putting off getting that creative magazine because it was too expensive here is a tip. Joann fabrics takes coupons toward the purchase. YEAH!
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