Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It's The Journey Not The Destination


I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Memorial day weekend. I was ready for a weekend at home since I had traveled all of last month.

I had such a wonderful time visiting the Pacific Northwest. I grew up and lived in Washington and Oregon for many years. This place I called home wasn't new, but this time something was different. I wasn't rushed so I explored. I didn't think about time all that much.  I looked at things with new eyes.  I healed though I didn't even know I needed it. It was about the journey not the destination. When I arrived back in Texas my soul was nourished and my heart at peace.

Catching up on emails and social media lead me to a call for  Faber-Castell's Design Memory Craft® core design team.

 I  use Gelatos®  on a number of my mixed media pieces. For the design team creation I created a  hanging wall piece using Design Memory Craft® Gelatos®, Gesso, and Pitt® pens on canvas fabric.

How perfect is this quote!

Let's create one!

Materials needed 
Canvas fabric
Painters tape
Molding paste
Palette knife
Round dowel
Wood dowel caps
Fiber yarn
Wood Glue
Sewing machine
White thread
Paint brushes

Green Tea
Cotton Candy

Pitt ®Pens 
Big Brush Black 5.0mm
Small Brush Black 2.0mm
Big Brush White  4.8 mm

 Step 1
Wash, dry, and iron your canvas fabric. Note.. do not use fabric softener. Figure out the size you want your hanging to be and add 1" extra on the bottom and sides for the hem, and 2.5 " for the top pocket for your dowel to go into.  Cut and stitch.

Step 2
Color the fabric with all the colors. Blend the colors with water. To tone down the colors add watered down gesso. Note.. Let your canvas completely dry before continuing.

 Step 3
Attach your stencil to the canvas using painters tape. Apply the molding paste using a palette knife.
Slowly and carefully remove the tape and lift the stencil off the canvas.

Step 4 
Using a damp stiff brush, rub it against your Gelato® color and apply the color to your stencil image.
When done, outline the image with your Pitt pens.Use black Pitt® pens to color in the saying. Let dry completely.

Step 5
Finally, you can push the dowel through the pocket hole you made at the top of your canvas. Use wood glue to attach the caps to the dowel. Let dry. Attach your fiber yarn for hanging.

Thanks for joining me!

Happy creating,

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